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Tackling Loneliness and Isolation: Tool Evaluation and Evolution Workshop

Following an initial research and ideation workshop last month, the Leapfrog team returned to GSA highland campus for a second co-​​design workshop with our project partners, aimed at refining tools for …

Lancashire Care Foundation Trust Co-​Design Workshop

In late July, a group of governors from Lancashire Care Foundation Trust explored and documented their thoughts on how they engage with their members and the public at events, how they …

Tool Stories

In the Leapfrog project we aim to co-​​design tools that not only make engagement better for our partners but really address issues that come from our partners and offer support …

Improving how Patient Experience is reported at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Leapfrog is working closely with Rebecca Addey, a Paediatric Patient Experience Officer at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and her colleagues as part of the Rigorous Stories project at Lancaster.  In a very productive …

Plan B

Make sure jobs get done even when things change 


Role Bingo

Decide what needs doing, and who will do what