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Scaling Up Leapfrog: Improving a million creative conversations

Leapfrog are delighted to announce we have received follow on funding from the AHRC for a one year follow on project called ‘Scaling Up Leapfrog: Improving a million creative conversations’. The original £1.2m …

New versions of Leapfrog tools

The Leapfrog design team redesigned new versions of tools based on the outcomes of the co-​​design workshops delivered to DRS2018 delegates in June, and Lancashire Children’s Champions in July. …

Storyboard Contract v2

Young people can use the Storyboard Contract to help communicate ideas for better meetings.


Flow Customer Tools v2

Tools to match customers’ needs with services


Comms Stretcher & Comms Focus V2

Be more adventurous with how you reach out to your communities


Building Success v2

Work together to figure out how to use your building and space