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Leapfrog Spring Internal Event: The writing activity

Members of Leapfrog team recently got together to discuss and share the experience of the Leapfrog tool design with Lancaster team, GSA team and Digital Health Institute (DHI). The Leapfrog …

Tools Help School Pupils to Imagine University Life

Members of the Leapfrog team recently supported and ran workshops with pupils from local schools, Heysham High and Stepping Stones, a pupil referral primary school, who were visiting Lancaster University to …

Revisiting the Young Designers to tell them about the Amazing Tools

It’s been just over a year since Leapfrog has visited  Child Action Northwest to spend time with the young co-​​designers we worked with for the Working with Young People project.  A lot …

Leapfrogging to Denmark: Seminar at Center for Codesign Research, CODE part of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design

  Leon Cruickshank led a discussion and presentation of Leapfrog research at CODE recently. This group jointly lead by Professor Thomas Binder and Professor Eva Brandt represents one of the leading …

Any Idea Cards

Encouraging and Celebrating Idea Sharing in Teams


Think Outside Bookmark

Encouraging staff to leave their comfort zone and think creatively