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Rapid Engagement Tool

An engagement tool to gather people's opinions and ideas quickly.


The Known and the Unknown

An engagement tool to connect new people to create robust interactions for a community event


Participation on the European Society of Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) Conference.

From September 6–11, Leapfrog had the pleasure of attending and presenting part of its work at the 8th Triennial ESREA Conference, hosted in Maynooth University, Dublin (Ireland). ESREA aims to …

Guest post

Target Control Helps to Change a Child’s Life

The use of the Leapfrog tool ‘Target Control’ recently helped change the life of a six-​​year-​​old, who had recently lost their Mother.  A family were referred for a Family Group Conference (FGC) …

Guest post

Supporting People through the Safeguarding Process

Safeguarding occurs when an alert has been raised about a concern, suspicion or allegation of potential abuse, harm or neglect. Leapfrog has now completed a short but ambitious project to support and …

What are tools?! A meeting at Thornton Library

On Wednesday 24th August, seven members of the overall co-​​design group for the Neighbourhood Centres project met at Thornton Library.  Leapfrog originally planned to run a session for more members of the …