Gemma Coupe

Gemma is the Design Manager for Leapfrog, developing projects that design new ways to help people contribute to the design of local public services and facilities. Building strong relationships, shared objectives and trust with partners is a key part of the role. Before joining ImaginationLancaster Gemma was the Senior Regeneration Officer at Creative Lancashire. Providing a strategic and innovative response to economic and social issues affecting creative businesses and communities. Her interest in co-design started when delivering Blaze - an ambitious 3 year youth led Cultural Olympiad project where young people were supported and motivated to take the lead in decision making. Seeing the impact this approach had on their confidence and skills led to becoming Design Manager for the PROUD project at ImaginationLancaster in 2012. In PROUD we tested the use of a co-design approach with partners across Europe by involving communities in solving complex societal problems. The tools and approaches we developed during PROUD to make public engagement more creative and effective transformed the council’s approach to consultation. The learning from the PROUD project became the inspiration and starting point for the development of Leapfrog.