Laura Wareing

Laura is the Research Associate for the project at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University. Before this, Laura worked for over three years as a Knowledge Exchange Designer on a number of projects at ImaginationLancaster, designing interactions, tools and methods for people to use to exchange ideas.

Laura is already very experienced at designing tools like the ones being co-designed on the Leapfrog project and is passionate about helping non-designers be creative and design tools to tackle their engagement challenges.Beyond tool design, Laura has experience in working closely with non-academic groups, understanding their challenges, designing creative solutions and maintaining clear communication.

Whilst working on her degree in Industrial Design and Masters in Multidisciplinary Design Innovation, Laura has won a RSA Design Directions Award for sustainable design concepts and worked on healthcare projects with Philips Design, youth groups in a deprived area in Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle City Council and a sheltered housing charity. Following University, Laura used her design and marketing skills to produce a promotional book for Northumbria University and launch a local brewery before starting work at ImaginationLancaster.

Outside work, Laura has volunteered for Brownie Girl Guide units in Newcastle and Lancaster. Laura will be using this combination of experiences and interests on the exciting and challenging Leapfrog Project.

Twitter: @L_Morr