Tabitha R Sims

Joining Leapfrog in January 2015, Tabitha is the Research Associate for the Lancaster University Leapfrog team. Her focus is on the facilitation of co-design projects in the Lancashire region, developing relationships with local partners and providers, and the design and development of new co-design tools for creative consultation. Prior to joining Leapfrog, Tabitha was involved in community based and formal education as a Lecturer Co-ordinator and Specialist Engagement Tutor, at organisations and institutions throughout North England and Scotland. Along side this, she has worked on several service user led action research projects and consultations with PCTs and Local Public Service providers, co-founded three community and barefoot organisations, and has maintained an active arts practice, performing and showing regularly. Her research interests include; conscientization : praxis intervention : phronesis : barefoot communities : community co-design : interaction design : user led service design.