Leapfrog were asked to facilitate the North Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board to help the group identify and agree key priorities and collaboration opportunities for the Community Health and Wellbeing activity, which is one of 4 stands of focus on working in a multi agency approach across North Lancashire. The group began by mapping previous community health and wellbeing activity in the past 12 months. They then drew real connections where they worked in partnership in black and possible connections where they did or could have worked together in partnership in red. This helped the group to see possibilities for joint future working. 

Next the group were asked to describe community health and wellbeing activity planned for the next 12 months and explain why strategically this was important for their organisation on large round stickers. The group stuck the activities onto the wall in clusters so everyone could see where strategic aims and interventions were aligned and reviewed the activities as a group.

After a break each board member was given two voting stickers to vote on what they thought was a key priority for the HWPB and a potential collaboration opportunity. This activity aimed to draw out and align priorities for each service and the HWPB. Reviewing where the stickers were placed after the workshop, there were seven clusters of strategic aims and interventions where voting stickers where placed. The clusters of strategic aims and criotiies are summarised in the PDF report of the workshop which can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page. 

Finally the group reviewed where votes had been placed and made connections between the strategic aims and interventions that had been prioritised. This helped them decide where to work together for maximum impact for community health and wellbeing. Working in small groups they used the Leapfrog tool ‘Snapshot plus Story’ to describe their collaboration and its activities, timescale, resources required and intended impact.

After presenting their planned collaborations to the group, the group agreed what would be the most effective way to build on today and focus on the wider remit of the Community Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board with the aim of creating strategic objectives and action plans for all four strands.