In a serendipitous way during part of another meeting I was introduced to Simon Rudd of Outrageous Ambition social enterprise care agency. Here I discovered their inspirational, disruptive organisation ‘Outrageous Ambition’. They place real value on social enterprise as a business model, helping marginalised people who are disadvantaged because they have a physical or learning disability or a long term mental condition to live healthy, happy, fulfilling life’s. The large and welcoming Outrageous Ambition Space space is bright, warm and creative to be in, the positive message ‘We don’t do Can’t’ clearly present. Plans are afoot to have a Mocktail bar, high definition cinema and Commercial screen printing operations as part of their business offer.

Their care agency ‘Has 2 be Happy Care’ provides care, friendship and activities of a very high quality to the people they care for. Simon told me that often when people like his daughter Chloe are disabled they lose touch with their friends when they transition into becoming adults and this can be frustrating and unsettling. Simon has an idea that will help his daughter and her friends and far beyond this group lead fulfilling, inclusive social life’s. He saw a real role in using Leapfrog’s Visual Voice tool to help them to co-​design the project and give his daughter and others like her a voice, as there is a real issue with getting people’s voices heard in Care Agencies. He had a very interesting insight into the Visual Voice tool, one that mirrored our own in the many discussions we have had, about how important it is to ask the right question when using the Visual Voice tool. Simon’s opinion is that ‘If you just ask people what they want to do, they will just say what they already know’. In this instance the Visual Voice tool could be used to widen horizons and aspirations by providing exciting project activities and options for people to choose from and talk about that they wouldn’t have thought of before. We’re really excited to see how Simon uses the tools within Outrageous Ambition and will be keeping in touch as the project develops.