Julie Bell, Head of Libraries, Museums, Culture & Registrars for Lancashire County Council joined Roger and Laura at Lancaster University to co-​design tools for management within the new Neighbourhood Centres and re-​structured libraries in Lancashire.  Julie had thought about four challenges the tools could address before the meeting, which were:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Performance

We discussed the challenges in-​depth and decided that maintaining the creativity of the staff, such as the energy and ideas that the staff had generated during the Leapfrog co-​design sessions was the key challenge we should tackle.  This led us to share our experience of a project we did with the V&A Museum around fostering creativity and the tools we used, which could be useful for the challenge within libraries and neighbourhood centres.

We mapped the structure of the management meetings and how the tool and the ideas generated by the tool could be fed through the teams, which led us to decide on some practical tools ideas.  The first was around cards to capture ideas staff had using prompts and the second was a list of inspiring activities to encourage people to spend some of their busy working lives doing something inspirational or pursuing an idea. 

Leapfrog will develop the tools further to go into the tool box with the other Neighbourhood Centre and Library tools.