As Part of Leapfrogs outputs there will be a number of top quality referable papers to be published.

We will announce them as they are available to read.

Swedish Design Research Journal #1.17 (2017)

Designing, Adapting and Selecting Tools for Creative Engagement: A Generative Framework

Cruickshank, L; Whitham, R; Rice, G; Alter, H


The Design Journal Vol 20 (2017)

Providing Fast Flowing Calm Waters. The role of the Design Manager in mid-​large scale Public Sector Co-​Design Projects 

Coupe, G; Cruickshank, L



The Journal of Innovation Impact (V: 6, #: 2, Pg: 165)

Understanding high-​impact research through mode 1 and mode 2 research approaches (2016)

Cruickshank, L


Connected Communities Conference Norwich 2016

Leapfrog and Other Actions Moving Between Design Theory and Practice

Cruickshank, L; Whitham, R; Coupe, G


Public Space, London, UK (Nov 2016)

Contextualising Citizens: Design-​Led Approaches To Visualising Community Ecologies, Building Interventions And Mobilising Citizen Participation

Smith, P; Broadley, C 


Cultural-​Historical Activity Theory and Informal Learning as a Key Component of Co-​design Practice in a Community Initiative

ESREA: 8th Triennial European Research Conference, Maynooth University, Ireland (2016)

Rodriguez Calvo, M; Sclater, M; Smith, P


iJADE Conference 2016: Drawing,  University of Chester, UK (Nov 2016)

Reflective drawing’: drawing as a tool for reflection in design research

Rodriguez Calvo, M 


Co-​­Designing Creative Evaluation Approaches

Challenges and Best Practice in Co-​Production, Sheffield, UK (May 2016)

Manohar, A


Soundings and Findings Conference, University of East Anglia, UK (Jul 2015)

Owls of Creative Evaluation

Manohar, A; Smith, M


Design and Research Society (2015)

Capturing the “How”: Showing the value of co-​design through creative evaluation

Manohar, A; Smith, M; Rodriguez Calvo, M