As Part of Leapfrogs outputs there will be a number of top quality referable papers to be published.

We will announce them as they are available to read.


The Design Journal Vol 20 (2017)

Providing Fast Flowing Calm Waters. The role of the Design Manager in mid-​large scale Public Sector Co-​Design Projects 

Coupe, G; Cruickshank,L



The Journal of Innovation Impact (V: 6, #: 2, Pg: 165)

Understanding high-​impact research through mode 1 and mode 2 research approaches (2016)

Cruikshank, L


Connected Communities Conference Norwich 2016

Leapfrog and Other Actions Moving Between Design Theory and Practice

Cruickshank, L; Whitham, R; Coupe, G


Public Space, London, UK (Nov 2016)

Contextualising Citizens: Design-​Led Approaches To Visualising Community Ecologies, Building Interventions And Mobilising Citizen Participation

Smith, P; Broadley, C 


Cultural-​Historical Activity Theory and Informal Learning as a Key Component of Co-​design Practice in a Community Initiative

ESREA: 8th Triennial European Research Conference, Maynooth University, Ireland (2016)

Calvo, M; Sclater, M; Smith, P


iJADE Conference 2016: Drawing,  University of Chester, UK (Nov 2016)

Reflective drawing’: drawing as a tool for reflection in design research

Calvo, M 


Co-​­Designing Creative Evaluation Approaches

Challenges and Best Practice in Co-​Production, Sheffield, UK (May 2016)

Manohar, A


Soundings and Findings Conference, University of East Anglia, UK (Jul 2015)

Owls of Creative Evaluation

Manohar, A; Smith, M


Design and Research Society (2015)

Capturing the “How”: Showing the value of co-​design through creative evaluation

Manohar, A; Smith, M; Rodriguez Calvo, M