Guest post

by Natalie Gee , Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Having reflected on the experience of working with Dee and Leon on our ‘Derbyshire Matrix’ project, I think the opportunity they have given Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board to develop a shared tool to encourage/​support professionals and empower adults and their families/​carers to ‘make safeguarding personal’ has been invaluable.

It was interesting to listen to the different perspectives, personal stories and challenges faced in this area during our workshop day at Lancaster University.  It was also reassuring to  see the clear shared desire of everyone who attended to ensure people involved the safeguarding process receive the appropriate level of support and protection.   Having these discussions in an environment facilitated by Dee and Leon seemed to get people thinking more creatively about how we can better support people during this difficult time in their lives.  Dee and Leon used the discussions to develop something innovative and effective, a tool that can be used by everyone to improve the service and support given to people with care and support needs in Derbyshire. 

Although the work is not yet complete, I am excited to see how the tool will benefit Derbyshire residents in the coming months.  It also has the potential to be rolled out across the Country if adopted by other Safeguarding Adults Boards so could be the start of something really significant nationally.  I think I can speak on behalf of everyone who attended the Workshop in March in saying that it has been an enjoyable and productive collaboration.