Beginning in February 2019, Leapfrog researchers worked with the V&A Learning and National Programmes team to explore a new way of evaluating and enhancing their work – a radical shift from capturing who attended events to capturing the impact of the team’s work on their audience.

In our first workshop together, the Leapfrog team collaborated with V&A staff to interrogate their new framework for capturing the impact of their work. Together we mapped their work to 12 categories of learning, ranging from Critical Thinking through to Ludic and Embodied knowledge. Building on these insights we co-​designed over 30 concepts for new tools to creatively collect evaluation data that could reveal the learning of audience members.

The result are the ‘skeleton’ tool ideas to be published in a forthcoming toolbox. These are not concrete solutions to data collection but instead starting points for new ideas specialised to the particular context and circumstances of the many programmes the Learning and National Programmes team pursue.

Further workshops are planned for late Spring and Autumn 2019.