Leapfrog ran an Evaluation took delivery event last week in Forres, Highlands and Islands. We had participants across different areas within Moray. To name a few, Moray Council, NHS, Health Care Scotland and TSI Moray. Our participants joined us at the Institute of Design Innovation, High street studio for the afternoon. We had insightful discussions around evaluation and talked about creative ways to do evaluation.

During this two-​and-​a-​half-​hour tool delivery session we demonstrated some of the Leapfrog tools (Visual Voice, Make-​it Stick, Interactive Journey and Evaluation Game) and opened up discussion on how the tools could be adapted as approaches to creative evaluation.

In the start of the session, participants talked about the significance in using tools for community engagement and we had discussions around evaluation challenges they have faced in the past. This helped set the context for the rest of the afternoon.

We introduced the ‘Evaluation Game’ tool to the participants. We played the game with the participants to demonstrate how they might use it. The notion of doing evaluation through a game was quite intriguing to the participants. We discussed the significance of playfulness and also the importance of sustaining players’ engagement in the evaluation process.

In the ‘Visual Voice’ and ‘Make-​it Stick’ tools, participants suggested how such tools can be used to revamp parks and other public spaces in Forres. Showing some Make-​it stick examples to the group from the past also helped them to visualise how the tool could be used in many contexts. This conversation led to discussion about the value of using shapes, pattern, symbols, and their connotations.

By the end of the session, one of the participants commented that blending the Leapfrog tools along with their established approaches could form an effective evaluation toolkit for working within the Moray communities. The attendees appreciated being introduced to a range of Leapfrog tools and since the event, we have had requests to distribute more Evaluation Game tools. Watch this space, we will be organising many such events in the near future.