Evaluation Top Tips is a postcard from one of our short project “Evaluation Credence”. As part of the project we conducted series of interviews with partners in and around Highlands and Islands who were involved in organisation and implementation for events, (Digital Media Manager, Children’s Service Manager and Coordinator for Inverness Police Scotland Youth Volunteers). The outcomes proved to be insightful and the results gave us an in depth understanding of their evaluation process. On reflecting the insights from our interviews it was identified that our partners emphasise the need in creative engagement especially for evaluation. As a result, a common theme across the partners was identified as a need for creative, non invasive evaluation approach. The following are the key insights drawn from the study:

  • Capture stories: Stories provide glimpse of people’s experience and are an important part of evaluation
  • Engaging evaluation: Use methods that provide a means to engage participants in evaluation
  • Evaluate within context: Reflect on the importance of the context and its impact on outcomes
  • Evaluation viewpoint: Use methods that help to understand things from the viewpoint of participants
  • Creative evaluation breaks barriers: Creative event break down barriers, especially with those who are difficult to engage
  • Face to Face: Face to face interaction for evaluation can give a different perspective with participants
  • The long game: Objective evaluation can be achieved by long-​term engagement with the participants

The postcard highlights the key points and can be handy to use as it points out the important insights around evaluation.