Leapfrog’s PhD candidate Mirian Calvo was given the opportunity to present a paper, which chronicles part of her work in the iJADE (International Journal of Art and Design Education) Conference 2016 titled Drawing, hosted at the University of Chester from 18–19 November 2016. The conference afforded a platform for sharing international research in the field of the art and creative education. The conference is considered a primary source for the dissemination of independent research about a large range of subject matters, including visual arts, creativity, crafts, design, and art history, in all phases and types of environmental teaching and learning scenarios.

The paper presented an outline of on-​going doctoral design research associated with Leapfrog, which seeks to gather insights around the value of community co-​design. The paper explored the role of drawing as a tool to support thinking and reflection from a design practitioner and researcher perspective. It described an innovative concept of drawing, called reflective drawing, as a tool to embed a reflective practice in design research.

iJADE 2016 Conference has created an unique and collaborative space in an international atmosphere to share perspectives about the active roles that art and design are playing at the turn of the 21st century as mediums to ignite socially active engagement in diverse learning scenarios. In this regard, Eileen Adams, a keynote speaker, expressed that art and design are about making sense, producing meaning and encouraging social change.