This week, Fiona, Gayle, Lisa, Rhiann and Rikke from Iriss, The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, a charity that bridges practise, policy and research based in Glasgow visited the Leapfrog team at ImaginationLancaster.   The aim of the day was to share ideas and approaches, particularly to tools and explore how we might work together in the future.

We started the day by working together in small groups to design tools that could be used to get groups to think more creatively and move away from a pet idea, which generated a number of interesting ideas including an Iriss bus and radar.  This was followed by a demonstration of some of the digital tools from Roger, which have been produced at ImaginationLancaster and a general discussion about tools, including how we might evaluate them and when it is appropriate to use them.  After lunch and a tour of the LICA building, Hayley shared insights from the recent Make it Stick project and we discussed common interests, which might guide us in deciding how we may work together.

At the end of the day, the two teams parted feeling excited about the possibility of a project where we both use our expertise to do something different or a team member swap, where someone has the opportunity to soak up knowledge and bring a different perspective to the current way of working.