Guest post

by Dee Hennessy, Creative Facilitator

Safeguarding occurs when an alert has been raised about a concern, suspicion or allegation of potential abuse, harm or neglect. Leapfrog has now completed a short but ambitious project to support and guide vulnerable adults, their carers, advocates and professional staff through this emotionally charged sequence of actions.

The starting point for the project was the challenge of keeping those involved in the safeguarding process engaged and informed. The aim was to equip them with approaches to ensure everyone understood and was confident about what it was reasonable to ask, and to know, at each stage. This produced a suite of simple tools to prompt the sort of necessary but difficult questions, that often result in very challenging answers.

This creative partnership with The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB), a county-​wide multi-​agency forum to provide strategic leadership in preventing, detecting and safeguarding adults from abusive behaviour, began with a one-​day co-​design event at Imagination Lancaster for members of the Board and advocates of vulnerable adults. That original group of twelve stayed involved in the co-​design process to ensure the initial concept remained and the participants’ own words were retained.

Yesterday, at the meeting of the DSAB, the co-​design process was referenced as a rare opportunity for a collaborative and creative multi-​agency approach to intractable problems. And the product — the In Sight matrix: Keeping Safeguarding In Sight — was presented to Board representatives from a number of Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS trusts, Fire and Rescue and Police Services, Healthwatch, Age UK, and the Care Quality Commission.

In Sight was endorsed by all those attending the Board and plans are already being made for a life for it beyond the originally scheduled pilot phase across one county of England. The expectation of our partners now is that In Sight has the potential to make a significant impact nationally.

Leapfrog sincerely thanks the bravery and creativity of everyone who has been involved in this hugely rewarding process. Thank you.