During the one day co-​design workshop with safeguarding professionals from Derbyshire, concepts for adult safeguarding tools were developed.  Two of these were:

LENS: a guide for frontline staff to help them in their interactions with the people who draw a safeguarding issue to the attention of the local authority in the first instance. The aim of LENS is to support staff who may only very infrequently have a safeguarding-​relevant interaction with the people they work with.

FOCUS: the tool supports frontline staff in their professional handling of an initial safeguarding issue. It is a reminder of the steps that need to be enacted within their institutions to make sure concerns and handled in the proper, timely manner.

The ideas for LENS and FOCUS were brought together as a collection of tools called In Sight.  The words lens and focus generated by the co-​design group were ideal for representing the idea that safeguarding professionals should look closely at situation and communicate effectively.  It was agreed that ‘In Sight’ worked well with ‘lens’ and ‘focus’ for individual raising safeguarding concern because the tool would make sure the information and process was visible and kept in sight.  Read about the In Sight Matrix 

The acronyms LENS and FOCUS were developed into a double sided postcard for front-​line workers to carry and use as a prompt for how they should respond when they are approached with a safeguarding concern. The double sided postcard prompts front-​line staff in how to deal effectively with safeguarding concerns contains first response prompts for the acronym ‘Lens’ on one side and what to concentrate on for safeguarding concerns to be handled in the proper, timely manner.

The prompts have been written so that they are quick to read and easy to understand.  The key words on the lens card are highlighted in orange to make them stand out.   The postcards are designed to complement the design of the In Sight folder.

The graphic design and text on the tool were continuously improved and refined by Dee Hennessy and Laura Wareing with feedback at different stages from The Derbyshire Adult Safeguarding Board.