Last week the Leapfrog team returned to the island of Mull to disseminate the Make it Happen! toolbox back to the local community, some of who helped to co-​design the toolbox.. This event took place in parallel to Co-​Production Week Scotland, a week-​long festival organised by the Scottish Co-​production Network featuring events around the theme of power. This Leapfrog dissemination workshop took place in the Craignure Village Hall, where a diverse group of participants were brought together to experience and evaluate the co-​designed toolbox. This included local NHS healthcare professionals, an architect, members of local community trusts and sea life conservationists.

The workshop kicked off with an informal introduction to the Make it Happen! project, the co-​design process involved, as well as an overview of each tool. Following this and in breakout groups, the participants were given a toolbox to unpack and explore. Here the Leapfrog team encouraged the participants to have a go at using each tool and prompted discussions around the role tools play in their practice, if and how any of the Make it Happen! tools could be implemented in their practice, and if they would require any adaption to suit their specific needs. The groups then shared their key insights with the rest of the room, which led to a collective conversation where several interesting ideas were put forward. Included in the discussions was the use of language on the tools and how this can be a barrier to their use. In fact for one particular tool a participant commented that once the name of the tool was removed it actually made more sense as the meaning ascribed by the name, for the participant, ruled it out as a useful tool. There was also some discussion about the tool audience, and how for some groups the ‘playful’ nature of the tools would be an instant turn off. Turning the tools from engagement tools to “disengagement tools’. On a more technical level the group talked about the physical size of the tools, and the potential for physically scaling them up so more community members could interact with them (with the idea printing on a plotter printer suggested). It was highlighted that actually printing at the scale the tool required was not a simple possibility for many community groups and so would need some creative thinking to make the tools work. Beyond the paper tools presented, the group talked about the potential for designing a supplementary mobile application for tools so there was never a need for a physical space to make the tools work, particularly with the Role Bingo and Event Canvas tools, with one participant naming a digital version as “role bingo in your pocket”. The apps could act as a digital community notice board and archive, whereby anyone in the community could access useful information about past and forthcoming events

To conclude the workshop, the Leapfrog team introduced the participants to tools from other projects so to give them a flavour of the other tools that are available to access through the Leapfrog website. The Small Things tool (a fun and friendly way for staff team members to prompt, provoke, ask questions and obtain feedback from each other), and Comms Stretcher (which helps teams to brainstorm lots of different and creative ways to reach out to the community) were two particular highlights for the participants that they were very keen to try out in their work. The workshop wrapped up by handing out the Make It Happen! toolboxes to the participants – many of which requested between three and five boxes to distribute around their organisations. It was at this point we noticed that within the bunch of boxes we were giving away was box number 100! A great milestone for the tools.

Whilst some collaborators from the original co-​design team were unable to attend this event, the Leapfrog team made sure to keep back a stack of toolboxes and handed these into the community trust office before the team boarded the ferry back to the mainland. This now means that there are 110 Make It Happen toolboxes in circulation across the UK, and hopefully many more downloads to come!