13 August 2015 

Make It stick Templates created

  • How would you like your centre to look?
  • What would encourage you to stay in this area?
  • Design your new play area!

Five people from across Lancaster City Council participated in the first Make It Stick workshop. Having prototyped the workshop with the Leapfrog team, this lively session gave us our first opportunity to see how people would respond to it and how it runs in our partners’ workplaces.

I have a great tool to use” 

Once the group were familiarised with the background and technical knowledge and free to start designing their templates, they enjoyed this hands-​on process, subsequently needing extra time at the end to complete them to a standard with which they were satisfied. They were struck by the versatility and flexibility of using PowerPoint and felt they were taking both a new tool and new skills away. This included exploring techniques not anticipated in the tool design. For example in “Design your new play area!”, standard shapes most closely resembling the label shapes were used to crop images of textures in order to give participants different flooring options to consider. The Visual Voice tool lends itself well to concepts relating to designing space and two of the three templates created, took this approach.

Members of the group also talked about how they could transfer skills gained through using the Make It Stick format to improve designs for some of their other tools, referring to how they could improve game cards they would be using in an upcoming session.

Equally, they liked being able to share ideas for real life examples of consultations as part of this small workshop group, exchanging ideas and encouragement with each other. Moving forward, reactions in this workshop seemed to suggest that there could be a number of ways people may want to use the Visual Voice and Make it Stick tools depending on what they need and the time they have. For instance, creating a template from scratch using Make It Stick may not always suit them. They might be looking for something that they can just quickly overlay and print with minimal changes required. In this case, one for the existing Visual Voice interactive PDFs could be useful as well as a growing number of templates created by others using Make It Stick.