Leapfrog Summer School was a well-​designed and an inspirational event. I could notice the friendly atmosphere created by leapfrog team, from the introduction of activities and receptive announcements to the physical environment. The leapfrog team was in complete control of situation and all planned activities had a good timing. The programme structure covered the main issues of action research and all discussions followed a proposed theme on each day.

I can highlight two key moments for me. One of them was the sharing research stories 01 and the other was Rachel’s speech. The first activity was motivational. Listening each delegate presentation that shared similar personality traits and research point of views made me feel pleased to be part of the participants. In addition, participating in the summer school allowed me to meet these people with experience in action research and learn with them. Furthermore, Rachel’s speech contributed to my understanding on how to deliver impact with my research. I did not know before that research impact in UK was so important. Experiencing these moments and being part of the LF Summer School made me think that I am going in the right direction and now, I feel more motivated to keep doing my research.

Overall, all activities changed my understanding about action research. After participating in the summer school, I am now able to see that there are more topics involved in action research than only action and research. Therefore, the main takeaway for me is that we need to be aware about understanding context, engaging with communities, using the right language to connect, being more human through ethics, delivering impact with our research. All speakers, including delegates, made their contribution to my understanding. I wished I could have contributed more to this event.