In October Leapfrog delivered a seminar to practitioners, academics and postgraduate students for The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation at the University of Central Lancashire. After sharing the story of Leapfrog and how we co-​designed the tools we were about to share with them, the group got the chance to try out the tools for themselves. They were encouraged to think about how they could adapt the tools to meet their own engagement challenges in the context they work in.

The group came from a wide variety of engagement and social care backgrounds with lots of experience in engaging with both adults and young people they could bring to discussions around the tools and share with their groups. The tools we shared were Visual Voice, Target Control and Everybody. An insightful comment on the Everybody tool was Leapfrog’s use of the word ‘secret’ where we state that what people write on the form is secret and will be put into an envelope. One group pointed out that the word secret is often used in child exploitation. Also that sometimes if a child told for example a counsellor a secret they may need to pass it onto to somebody else for safeguarding reasons. The words on the Everybody tool, like all Leapfrog tools are editable so in this instance practitioners would be able to rephrase the sentence before using it with young people to suit their professional context.