Leapfrog was invited to Evaluation Support Scotland to demonstrate our co-​design tools. Evaluation Support Scotland do truly inspiring work to make evaluation fun and accessible to Third Sector Organisations and Public Sector Organisations. During our conversation, it came to light that Leapfrog and Evaluation Support Scotland are exploring similar aspects of evaluation through creative tools. We had an informative discussion about challenges we face in doing effective, non-​intrusive evaluation and how to make evaluation valuable, accessible and relevant. We spoke about how evaluation challenges could be addressed by creating difference in process and introducing creative tools to have an effective engagement with our partners. 

The meeting with Evaluation Support Scotland was important to Leapfrog, because as Leapfrog develops new creative evaluation tools we would be keen to see organisation such as Evaluation Support Scotland adapt our tools for their engagement activities. We will also be looking at how deeper and wider engagement Leapfrog tools brings to organisations. As Leapfrog builds more engagement tools, our aim is to make a difference in Public Sector and Third Sector Organisations. Leapfrog team demonstrated some of our engagement and evaluation tools and Evaluation Support Scotland identified our tools as easily adaptable for their activities. 

We played the Evaluation Game with the Evaluation Support Scotland team and gathered some insightful feedbacks. The team enjoyed playing the game and commented that it was a new and engaging way to capture stories. We spoke about different ways the Game could be adapted to better capture the impact through stories from those who participate.

Both parties departed with lots of food for thought and we are keen to explore each others methods to evidencing change in our projects. We discussed the possibility of working on a project that could bring expert knowledge from both teams to address some prevailing issues we face in evaluation. We really enjoyed meeting the Evaluation Support Scotland team and we look forward to exploring these issues together.