The Harvest Festival, hosted by Newbold Trust, gave us another magnificent opportunity to test the second iteration of the tool. The festival is actually one of the most important organic food events in Moray area and brings together a large number of providers such as Sky Delights (Nairn), Roots, Fruits and Leaves (Across Moray), Manna Juice (Elgin) Roseisle Gardens (College of Roseisle) and The Bread Kiln (Garmouth). The Newbold community cooked with products from their garden organic meals for the visitors, which this year reached just over 200 people. It is also the biggest community engagement event Newbold organises and includes sharing activities which Newbold are involved in and also an exchange with other communities.

When we arrived at Newbold House, we soon discovered that there were different activities happening at the same time, so the volunteers and staff members were really busy. Before the walk, we spoke to the Newbold member in charge of the facilitation of the walks to know beforehand the route planned and we gave him the tools ready-​to-​use and test. At the beginning, he introduced and distributed the tool to the visitors that joined us for the walk. In total we were twelve. He also introduced the Leapfrog team and the tools for renewal project, so that the visitors could form an idea of our prototype. He guided us through the walk with four stops in different spaces of the garden. At each stop, he provided specific information such as the history of the house, the permaculture and how this influences the community life. This sparked informal discussions between the visitors who shared their interests. At the end, he invited them to envision the future of Newbold and write or draw their impressions about in their tools. The participants took the first postcard as a memory and left the second one at the gate with their reflections. After the event, we reflected on the experience and we concluded that the two versions were in fact one tool: a flexible and adaptable tool according to the needs and purposes of the walk, as well as the nature of the community engagement.