After the successful co-​design workshop with our key partner CNPA and representatives from other public sector organisations around the Cairngorms park, Leapfrog went back to conduct a follow up workshop with some prototypes of tools. We invited all the representatives who came along for the first workshop for the follow up workshop. We took forward three ideas from the first workshop and developed into prototypes to test with our partners and gather feedback.

1.    Seeing things
Seeing things is an approach that uses set of cards that focuses on the WHO, WHAT and WHERE of a community issue. The cards provide a way to gather people’s opinion about the community issues in an entertaining and easily accessible manner. The tool can also act as a story board to summarise narratives form the different demographics of participants in the community anonymously and the narratives which could then be used to provoke new perspectives about the same community issues. The seeing things tools was particularly well received by everyone and they thought it had a playfulness to it. We discussed about how different the cards could be used, and postcard was one of the forms that came across few times in the discussion. Partners also expressed their suggestions in using positive words in the cards such as ‘your solutions’ rather than ‘your opinion’.

2.    The Landscape Grid
The Landscape Grid was one of the ideas developed to engaged the children and the adults in community consultation. The Landscape grid will allow the organisations to print A4 sheets of the landscape as a colouring sheet for the children while the adults will be engaged in consultation during the period. By aggregating the A4 sheets of park landscape, they can form a collage of how the future of the park might look like. This tool was well received by the partners and they thought it might eye catchy and as well as engaging.

3.    Sketchpad
The sketchpad was a template specifically developed for CNPA for their ‘staff away day’ with the community members. During the ‘staff away day’, they visit some of the renowned view points to talk about potential changes in the landscape in future. This sketchpad gave a template where the staffs could draw and write ideas on.

At the end of the workshop, it was quite clear what tools we were going to take forward as our final tools. We will be publishing our final tools very soon. Watch this space!