We are very excited to be collaborating with Eden Court for one of our short project here at Leapfrog. In preparation for this, we’ve had a productive chat with the Digital Media Artist of Eden Court, about the significance of capturing stories in their evaluation process.

Eden Court is a creative organisation located in Inverness housing a large theatre, cinema and arts venue. With the aim to “bring positive change”, it collaborates with key partner organsations, Creative Scotland, Police Scotland and Action for Children, to deliver events and workshops engaging young people in the community.

They gave us their insight into the value of story capture as a form of evaluation, including the challenges this presents, how they currently do it, and why it’s necessary to share evaluation needs of storytelling with their key partners. In turn, we wanted to help identify potential areas into which we could introduce new methods to enhance the collection. Stories collected are usually about participants sharing their experience, memorable moments in the event and how they inspire to bring positive change.

Currently, Eden Court uses film to document stories, still photography to observe participants during the event, and a variety of feedback forms to gather quantitative data. The Director also pointed out the challenges they face in gathering data using the current method.

  1. It is challenging to get the attendees to fill in the feedback form after an event or a workshop session, this could be because completing a feedback form is time consuming and also due to its structured approach.
  1. Since Eden Court largely works with young people, there is logistical difficulty in obtaining signed consent forms from parents or guardians since they do not always accompany the young people.
  1. Time management while organising events can be challenging, as there is always very little or no time left towards to end for gathering feedback.

The challenges described here and other issues we gather in the near future will form the foci of our short project. We see great potential in collaborating with Eden Court and we are excited to be invited to one their key events in Falcon Square in Inverness next month.

Meanwhile, Eden court’s key partners Police Scotland and Action for children have kindly agreed to also help us in this short project. We are particularly keen to find out about their evaluation needs and challenges as this will help underpin the design of Leapfrog’s future evaluation tools.


Photograph credit Craig Ramsay Photography