Following an initial co-​design session at Lancaster University with Roger and Laura, the Neighbourhood Centre Project co-​designers David, Heather and Marcus returned to the university to look at some prototypes for the tools they had worked on a couple of weeks before.  The first prototype was for a tool that incorporated a number of their ideas to generate a map of library or centre customers, their needs and the services they use and generate individual customer profile cards.  The other tool idea was a template and guidelines for generating displays that promote the services available in the libraries and neighbourhood centres.

The group was very positive about the ideas and two of the group were immediately able to explain one of the tool ideas to the other member who arrived slightly later.  They suggested some changes and extensions of use for the tools and decided they would be named ‘Flow’ and ‘Flip’.  They also started to think how they would enable a group of staff to use the tools and input their own information, which will be really helpful when created guidelines to work with the tool. 

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that they would all contribute to a document containing suggestions for use and content for the tools, which was circulated by Laura after the meeting.  They also all have physical and digital copies of the tool to show to other members of their team and give feedback on.

The group will meet again in January but in the meantime they will continue to think about the design of the tools.