Inviting all engagement practitioners, policy makers and managers (public, private, and charitable sectors).


Working in close collaboration with public sector partners including Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Leapfrog has co-​designed a series of new tools and resources to help translate results of engagement activities into policy decision making.


We invite you to a sharing event where you can try out these free tools.

Wed 25 Oct 2017, 10am — 1pm (includes lunch)
at ImaginationLancaster


Discover new tools to:

  • prioritise and generate impact from data collected from engagement practises
  • analyse and maximise communication channels inside your organisation
  • share and report novel outcomes from engagement activities
  • illustrate findings with a coherent voice for decision making & policy discussions
  • foster creativity, energy & inspiration in planning & analysing engagement work


Our aim is to help you enable those you consult with to be better heard.


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