As one of the 3 key strands of the young people‘s project we are undertaking a co-​design project with a number of consultation experts in the public sector in the Lancashire. We have called these ‘service deliverers’ to distinguish them from the policy makers and young people who will also be co-​designing with us.

Service deliverers are people who work full time in the area of public consultation will the whole range of the general public, including young people. Actually we found out in this first scoping session that young people are very often pushed forwards by parents as a proxy for adults. This is especially the case where parents are lacking in confidence with writing and spelling. This makes engaging productively with young people even more important for overall co-​design processes.

In this first event we wanted the participants to share their experiences but also to explore the notion of ‘translation’ through a series of scoping activities and interviews with participants we identified this as a key issue. The translation not just in one direction but back and fourth between young people and service deliverers is the thing that enables all other nuances of engagement to take place.