It was a great pleasure this summer to welcome Dr. Theodore Zamenopoulos to the advisory group for Leapfrog this summer. Theo, shown here chatting to Gemma Coup, the Leapfrog design manger, has a fascinating background in architecture, citizen-​led and collaborative design approaches. Theo works in the design research group at the open university. One of the projects he leads there is called Empowering Design Practices. This is a £1.5m project funded by AHRC under the Connected Communities and Design Highlight Notice. The project aims to investigate how community-​led design (CLD) practices apply in the case of historic places of worship and to develop new mechanisms and processes to empower communities and to facilitate and evaluate good practice.

We are thrilled to have the head of the ‘sister’ project to Leapfrog in the connected communities call. We look forward to working closely with Theo during the rest of the Leapfrog project.