On Wednesday 24th August, seven members of the overall co-​design group for the Neighbourhood Centres project met at Thornton Library.  Leapfrog originally planned to run a session for more members of the group, however holidays and other commitments prevented many from attending.  Instead, Leapfrog and the smaller group took the opportunity to have a chat about how the project is going, what we are trying to achieve and what tools are and how to start to design them.

Normally Leapfrog prefers not to show co-​design groups existing tools because we do not like to influence the ideas and we like to be surprised by totally new approaches.  However, the group agreed that it would be helpful to look at a couple of examples.  Together we looked at and discussed two existing Leapfrog tools from the Young People’s Project, Topic Tally and Target Control. 

We also talked about how to design tools and not see them as a solution to specific problems.  Instead we are aiming to design tools help groups find the solutions to their problems. 

Once the group had seen the tools they started to quickly come up with tool ideas for groups of people coming from different services to use together in the set-​up of Neighbourhood Centres.  For example, they talked about how a tool that reveals the working cultures of different services could be useful, how a tool could be a process that encourages them to have more conversations and how a tool could be a way to pass on information between daytime and evening staff.

Although the meeting was not what we originally planned, it was great to have an in-​depth chat with the smaller group who now feel better equipped to guide the rest of their teams who are tackling four main challenges, which are described in this blog post.

We next meet again with the wider group on the 26th of September at Chorley Library to design tools together.