Debbie Stubbs — Leapfrog Design Project Manager

I’ve been seconded from Lancaster School of Communications and Computing, taking over from Gemma Coupe whilst she is on maternity leave.

My current and former positions at Lancaster University, both multidisciplinary EPSRC funded research projects, have equipped me with a sound knowledge of university work and life. In addition, my previous work in Lancashire and as a director of two arts centres in South East England, along with arts and community development work for different local authorities in West London and Buckinghamshire, have all involved co-​ordination and engaging with a wide range of people.
I am experienced at managing multiple priorities and readily able to support others in helping to achieve academic, creative and other ambitions. I’m very motivated in my work and always play an active role working individually or as part of a team. I’m to apply my skills of clarity and efficiency in preparing, planning, and managing to all the tasks associated with this position. I’m pretty enthusiastic and am really enjoying my work so far on Leapfrog.
In summary I have experience of
  • research projects and understand the context of design
  • creating tools as part of multiple projects

  • working with a wide range of communities for collaboration

  • celebrating differences