I’m Paul Smith and I am one of the Co-​Investigators on the Leapfrog project from the Glasgow School of Art. My background is in product design and more recently digital fabrication technology. My research interests are in the constantly evolving landscape of design practice and what this means for both educators and practitioners. I am particularly interested in the role that designed objects play as agents in collaborative working.

The leapfrog project is a great example of where design practice has innovated into new areas and is helping to support change and greater inclusion for society. It is exciting because we don’t know where this project will take us and we will be designing many interesting tools with great communities along the way. We will get to see how design can contribute to greater autonomy for citizens and how it can enhance ways for individuals to play active roles in decisions where outcomes have effects for them.

There is an exciting 3 years ahead and I’m sure we will make a great impact through this journey we are about to make.