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The Small Things V2

Don’t let the little issues get in the way of the big picture


Leapfrog Evaluation Report

Evaluation has been a key element of the Leapfrog programme of research for the past 3 years, trying to capture the value of tools and the co-​​design approach undertaken with the project …

Leapfrog Student Symposium

February 2018 saw the close of The Glasgow School of Art’s co-​​designing work on the Leapfrog project, and the opening of a showcase event exhibiting the tools, partnerships, and reflections on …

Leapfrog Project Showcase at the Glasgow School of Art

This February 2018 saw the last of the Leapfrog co-​​design project work at The Glasgow School of Art draw to a close, and with it came our final exhibition and showcase …

Progress Tools

Set out goals and keep track of progress


A huge thank you to Leapfrog’s Advisory Board members

The final meeting of the Leapfrog Advisory Board meeting took place at the Glasgow School of Art on the 6th February 2018. From its inception in early 2015 the role …