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Tools Help School Pupils to Imagine University Life

Members of the Leapfrog team recently supported and ran workshops with pupils from local schools, Heysham High and Stepping Stones, a pupil referral primary school, who were visiting Lancaster University to …

Revisiting the Young Designers to tell them about the Amazing Tools

It’s been just over a year since Leapfrog has visited  Child Action Northwest to spend time with the young co-​​designers we worked with for the Working with Young People project.  A lot …

Leapfrogging to Denmark: Seminar at Center for Codesign Research, CODE part of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design

  Leon Cruickshank led a discussion and presentation of Leapfrog research at CODE recently. This group jointly lead by Professor Thomas Binder and Professor Eva Brandt represents one of the leading …

Any Idea Cards

Encouraging and Celebrating Idea Sharing in Teams


Think Outside Bookmark

Encouraging staff to leave their comfort zone and think creatively


The Derbyshire Matrix — Full Report

Leapfrog has updated the report for The Derbyshire Matrix short project, which now includes details of the tools and the launch event, as well as the co-​​design workshop.  Download it …