This collaborative project with Sarah Campbell at the V&A London was initiated by Sarah to help her understand the creative processes of leaders in the field of engagement using museums. This is a significant area of activity for Leapfrog because Museums are both under pressure financially and also finding a new role in today’s society. Equally they are a focus for very large numbers of visitors and have a high degree of innovation in how they engage with their public. Sarah has two key research questions for her Winston Churchill Memorial trust funded project:

  1. How can museum educators better understand their creative process?
  2. How can that greater understanding improve and inform programming?

We are working with Sarah to develop a range of tools to help some of the best Museum engagement professionals across the world reflect on and articulate their creative process. For Leapfrog this represents an area of fundamental research: how do non-​designers design new types of engagement while working at the highest levels of professional life? While not a formal short project, this endeavour has a strong connection to Neighbourhood Centres, a major project we are undertaking on public sector multi-​service centres.

Sarah Completed the project in the autumn of 2016 with a presentation and full report.

Latest Activity

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