The health intelligence unit of Blackburn with Darwen Unitary authority are running a series of 5 events to determine how people can adopt a healthier lifestyle . The long-​term aim is use prevention to reduce the resources needed to provide a good healthcare service. This short project focuses on how the results of this creative engagement can be translated and analyzed in a consistent manner to inform decision-​making.

The need for more creative engagement activities is now widely accepted and we see really creative, innovative ways of engaging with citizens across all fields of the public sector. A ubiquitous problem remains though, what to do with the results of these creative engagement activities? These may be in non-​traditional forms (drawings, sound, video) or the physical evidence of the engagement may be secondary to the way participants were talking about it, or there may be too much data. The danger is that real insights and outcomes of engagement events are not carried through the post-​event reporting process.

We want to explore in a controlled manner how we can help a specific set of activities looking at healthy living to start exploring how we can create a new type of engagement tool based on analysis, synthesis and translation into a form that has value for policy makers and decision makers.

The aim here is to create tools that will have a tangible benefit to people engaging in creative engagement in health prevention. There is also a high likelihood that the outcomes of the project will be more widely applicable to other sectors

Tools in this analysis area represent a new type of tool for Leapfrog but also there appears to be little in the literature addressing this sort of tool. This offers us the opportunity to make a contribution to knowledge in this area. Also as there is a strong demand for ways to help translate the results of creative engagement, tools in this area have the potential to be widely adopted.

Latest Activity

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