There is a societal shift towards creative engagement driven by statutory requirements, public expectations as well as the activities of Leapfrog. A key challenge is the translation of the results of these creative engagement activities that may include citizen created videos, presentations, talking, drawing, writing. These are designed to chime with the participants of the creative consultation, allowing them to express themselves in a natural way for them.

Building on the short project, ‘Healthy Stories’ in this area, this major project will explore how the value and distinctiveness of this creative engagement data can be retained while it is reliably translated into a form that talks to decision makers (e.g. policy makers, managers, social workers…) who often communicate in ways quite alien to the creative consultation participants.

Our scoping events will focus on the following issues that will also heavily inform the research questions for the project.

  • The types of data generated in creative engagement
  • The challenges of reliable, consistent analysis of creative engagement data and the subsequent synthesis of these analyses
  • The challenges of (near) universal applicability of the tools for any creative engagement activity.
  • The types of destination for creative engagement data both in terms of the constituencies of decision makers and also the forms that the data need to be presented in.