To date Leapfrog has co-​designed and disseminated many engagement tools. During this process we anticipated that our partners and tool users would share and adapt our tools in ways we did not imagine. This short project aims to identify where and how the Leapfrog tools are shared, and to look at, once shared, how the tools are used?

This project will look at this ‘ripple’ effect of Leapfrog tools from two perspectives. Firstly, from the inside-​out perspective, that looks to our project partners and their networks to analyse how far the tools are shared through direct contact with the Leapfrog project. Secondly, we will take an outside-​in perspective where we are looking to the Leapfrog tool’s download database to identify ‘new’ tool users and how they came to know about and use Leapfrog tools.


Latest Activity

Leapfrog tool journeys

For the Leapfrog Short project Ripple, the Leapfrog team have been looking at the journeys and destinations of the tools co-​​designed as part of the whole Leapfrog project. One of …

Ripple Effect

Interviews have been underway with a number of Leapfrog partners including Evaluation Support Scotland, Healthwatch Blackburn and Darwin and TSI Moray. In the interviews we are asking about how these partners …

Ripple project report

The Ripple short project report is now available to download. You will find it on the Ripple project page on the Leapfrog website.