How can a diverse group of social enterprise professionals collaborate to design tools to help tackle social isolation and loneliness?

The tackling loneliness project aims to improve the sharing of best practice and lived experiences between social enterprises working to tackle the issue of loneliness and isolation in later life. We want to explore the current issues social enterprises face in connecting with one another to share their practices, their current approaches to social engagements, and their ideas for making improvements that can make a real difference for the future. We will question what is currently working in practice, what we can learn from this, and what is the best way to share that knowledge through a network of social enterprises. The ultimate aim of the project is to use this research to inform the design of tools that social enterprises can use to share their best practice, and develop meaningful social connections that can be instrumental in developing responses that tackle social isolation and loneliness.

Latest Activity

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation: Tool Evaluation and Evolution Workshop

Following an initial research and ideation workshop last month, the Leapfrog team returned to GSA highland campus for a second co-​​design workshop with our project partners, aimed at refining tools for …

Tool Stories

In the Leapfrog project we aim to co-​​design tools that not only make engagement better for our partners but really address issues that come from our partners and offer support …