Our purpose in Leapfrog is to equip engagement practitioners with flexible tools they can adapt or appropriate when the circumstances require it. 

Leapfrog has explored tool versatility so far through designing: interactive PDFs and power point templates that offer varying degrees of customisation to text and image; tools made up of many parts that can be used in isolation or combined with other parts or tools and; providing guidelines with tools for how they can be transferred into different contexts. This has been based on our work with partners so far and our practical knowledge as designers of what could make a tool flexible.

In Tailor-​Made, we will look closely with partners who engage creatively with individuals, families, groups and communities, at the characteristics, motivations and barriers for using tools flexibly. Following on, we will map out changes, re-​creations, re-​mixes they make to tools in practice. Together, we will explore, share and develop ideas for new and existing tools to better align them to their tool adaptation know-how.

To achieve this, Leapfrog will

  • Use the accounts given in the Leapfrog community engagement survey to start mapping the terrain of how people might be using and changing tools.
  • Conduct interviews with engagement practitioners to explore motivations and barriers
  • Feed accounts of tool adaptation as briefs into workshops to explore the changes we can make to existing tools and explore what could be designed into tools to enable greater flexibility. This could result in the development of existing facets like the guidelines that come with tools, or it could result in the production of new tools.