In Leapfrog we are undertaking 2 different types of project, short projects and major projects. These are described in more detail below, the function of these projects is to work directly with our external partners (both established and new) to help them directly with they consultation needs but also to use these projects as test beds for developing creative consultation tools that can be shared more widely through this website‘s tools and toolboxes but also using social media.

Short projects have about 8–10 days worth of effort associated with them, they allow us to respond quickly to challenges or opportunities. They also offer us the possibility of undertaking more experimental or high risk projects.

Major Projects last for around 8 months and represent a significant investment of time and resources. Our current plans include undertaking 5 major projects in Leapfrog. Major projects will work with multiple partners looking at strategically important challenges in the area of creative consultation.


Active Projects


Tackling Loneliness and Isolation

Tools to support social enterprises to share practice and to engage in conversation with service users


Major Project: Rigorous Stories

Tools to Help Translate the Results of Engagement Activities


Leapfrog Summer School 2017

Exploring Community Engagement for Research: Power, Impact, & Collaboration


Major Project: Peer-​to-​Peer Community Engagement

Designing ways to consult across age, cultural and geographic gaps in remote communities


Gathering Stories through Evaluation Tools

Co-​Design project with our partners to create a storytelling evaluation tool

Completed Projects


Healthy Stories

Translating Creative Engagement for Health Prevention


Creative Processes for Engagement in a Museum Context

A collaboration with Sarah Campbell, Head of Learning Programs, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Engaging Young Families at Cairngorms

The design of interactive tools for our partners to engage in a two way conversation with young families


Major Project: Neighbourhood Centres

Co-​designing the transition from libraries to multi-​use centres in Lancashire


Leapfrog Summer School 2016

Action Research, Engagement, & Co-​design


The Derbyshire Matrix

The Co-​Design of a Tool to Support Decision Making for the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults


Major Project: Working With Young People

How can ideas and information be translated back and forth between the public sector and young people


New Spaces for Democratic Engagement

Reviving an ancient tradition for the modern world


Make it Stick

Re-​mix, change, adapt and re-​create Visual Voice to suit your bespoke engagement needs…


Evaluation Credence

This short project to investigate the evaluation requirements of the stakeholders.


Non-​Written Consultation

A short project to develop creative consultation tools without participants needing to write