Leapfrog is a 3 year research project led by Imag­i­na­tion­Lan­caster in partnership with The Glasgow School of Art Institute of Design Innovation (GSA). The project is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council Connected Communities programme.

Leapfrog will explore how we can develop more effec­tive, inclu­sive and cre­ative tools to help con­sul­ta­tion processes,  involving 2 PhDs and 2 Research Asso­ciates in Leapfrog but also the aca­d­e­mics involved from both Imag­i­na­tionLan­caster and GSA. This group of aca­d­e­mics includes experts in eval­u­a­tion, dig­i­tal tool design, engage­ment and social media.

The primary outcome of this research will be to enable public service providers to gain a great depth in knowledge about salient issues within the communities they support. This research will also explore and define the way the role that co-​design could play in developing a step-​change in innovative engagement through the creation of adaptable tools for creative consultation. Our research questions are broadly defined as:

  • Can new approaches to community co-​design develop new innovative consultation tools?
  • Can innovative consultation tools and approaches enable more appropriate, effective and engaging consultation?
  • Can tools developed with one community be modified to be effective with other communities across the UK?
  • How can we evaluate co-​design and consultation processes in multiple communities over a long period of time in a way that captures real effects, and the added value that co-​design approaches bring, in a non-​invasive manner?