This interactive tool allows people to air and share their preferences in a large and easily readable format. It uses stickers, tapes and magnets to create structures for gathering responses using any surface indoors or out — such as metal, glass, walls or even the floor. The Grid can be used in a host of situations to create a grid matched to the space available and the responses you want to gather. It allows you to attract people over to share their opinions if holding an event in a public space. You can make the Grid yourself using the instructions which can be downloaded to the right and suggest a variety of ways to use the grid such as:

  • Simple Voting to collect votes in a highly visible way
  • Emoticon Matrix — to capture people’s responses to ideas or variations on a theme
  • Ideas Map — Place the grid over a map to collect responses to different parts of a space

We’d love you to try this tool out and send us your photos of how you adapt it to suit your needs.