Our interactive journey starts here

Download and take a look at the Interactive Journey tool guidance and package. Use it, customise it and feedback to us about what you think the next steps might be in developing it. 

It was initiated and developed for our first short project brief: to design tools for non-​written consultation.

An interactive, sociable media tool for people taking part

Interactive Journey seeks to use all our senses in experiencing a place before recording our thoughts to uncover rich information and ideas about that environment. The place can be indoors or outdoors, and directed by the tool, we are asked to focus on particular elements and respond to them playfully through drawing or writing.

We have envisaged it being used either by one person alone or within groups, like a family on a day out, for instance. It could either be used for participants to create their own journey or be used together with a map and plotted route. If you choose to include a map, we have provided images of numbered map pins to add to the map digitally before printing which match those used in the tool. This allows you to visually connect the tool to the map for clear usability.

An interactive, customisable tool for preparing a public engagement event

Whilst aiming to generate the best possible return-​rates and response quality from the public, Interactive Journey has been designed to be as easy and inexpensive for you to produce as possible. You only need a computer, a printer with black ink and paper. The graphics are bold and monochrome to work well on basic printers and paper.

We have achieved this by creating the tool as an editable PDF in which you tailor your own route and questions. With access to Adobe Reader, which we provide direction for obtaining in the tool guidance, you can digitally customise the PDF before printing it ready for use.

This is a first prototype for a piece of practical design research we are now carrying out at Leapfrog on exploring the capabilities of editable PDFs to create customisable tools that are simple to use whilst generating effective results. Your feedback will be really helpful in refining the interactivity for the tool in the coming weeks.

Happy exploring and we can’t wait to hear from you!