During the first Leapfrog project in February 2015, we worked with our partners to co-​design non-​written tools for consultation. One of the most popular examples was Visual Voice, a customisable activity sheet using stickers to peel and position which don’t require any writing. More fun and engaging than a questionnaire, it is designed to get people thinking about ideas instead of the words they use, producing visually engaging outcomes which can be stuck to walls, photographed, remixed and reused.

Since we launched Visual Voice, we’ve received lots of feedback from our partners indicating that many people wanted greater creative control over the choice and placement of image and text beyond the scope of the Visual Voice interactive PDFs. In response, we have created Make it Stick: a PowerPoint template allowing you to create your own bespoke graphics as accessibly, simply and flexibly as possible ready to print on to blank Visual Voice sticker sheets. The images on this page are examples of what people have created using the PowerPoint template. Over time, we will add some of the PowerPoint files here too.



To use the tool you will need to get hold of some free Visual Voice Sticker Sheets from us: please con­tact h.​alter@​lancaster.​ac.​uk if you are interested. Once you have the sticker sheets you can then print on to them directly from PowerPoint once you have finished your template.

To create your own Visual Voice artwork:

  1. First think about why you are engaging your participants, what you want to find out and what four types of information you would like your participants to think about when they’re responding, using the Visual Voice. 
  2. Download the Make It Stick PowerPoint template (we have a Portrait and a Landscape option available), quick reference guide and Copyright Law guidelines
  3. Use the guides on how to use the template and how to use imagery sourced online. 
  4. Create your artwork, and print it onto the blank stickersheets
  5. Don’t forget to tell us about it and share your PowerPoint files on the Leapfrog tools Facebook group


We think that the bigger the library of example templates gets, the more you’ll get from using this tool and we need you to help make that library. To freely view, use and adapt more example templates for your own use, add your examples for others to use, talk to other people making them and get help on yours, please join our Leapfrog tools Facebook group.  

Happy tool creating! We can’t wait to hear all about it!