Co-​designed by Leapfrog and the V&A Learning and National Programmes Team.

Leapfrog worked with V&A’s Learning and National Programmes team to co-​design tools to catalyse and sustain a new kind of research and development — R&D focussed on the impact of museum learning on people, rather than audience numbers or demographics.

This card deck contains 44 ‘skeleton’ tools – starting points for new ideas that can be combined together:

  • Data Collection Skeletons for planning creative engagement with audience members to gather data.
  • Data Analysis Skeletons for planning how to process, organise and interpret fresh data.
  • Insight Sharing Skeletons for planning how to share and implement insights within an organisation.

The card deck can be printed on any printer, or the PDF uploaded to moo​.com and ordered as a professionally-​made deck of cards.