Why should you use it?

Our young designers talked about how they are the centre of attention in their meetings with adults such as social workers, teachers and foster parents but they all agreed that in those meetings they are the centre of attention but they do not feel involved and  as a result, often feel both isolated and also bored. They would like to have more control over their own meetings, therefore we came up with and tested an idea for a storyboard.  The storyboard acts as a way for young people to tell a story about how they feel about their meetings and explore ideas they have for how they could be made better.

Young people can use the storyboard to bring their experiences and ideas to life and use it to help them have a discussion about improving meetings with their social workers.  Hopefully some of the ideas can be made real for the young person and therefore it can act as a contract, a visual promise and this is why the young designers decided to call it the ‘Storyboard Contract’.

What we found

We found that even the quietest of the young designers were able to put together an interesting storyboard about their ideas for better meetings and there were many different and creative ways that they did this.  We collected together examples of the different ways our young designers  filled in their Storyboard Contracts and put them together over the page as inspiration.

It was great to get the young people to talk through their creations, the meaning they had given to the chosen icons and emojis and the ideas they had.  The facilitator Dee Hennessy described these presentations as “Strong, confident, lucid, coherent, passionate, moving and the sum of all their experiences and hurts.”

Our young designers really enjoyed using a selection of stickers to bring their storyboards to life so we asked them to think of the perfect selection of emojis and symbols for a set of stickers.  They made suggestions that included devils and angels, ticks and crosses, a bomb and a peace sign, so we made two sheets of stickers especially to use with this tool. 

Download a blank Storyboard contract, an example Storyboard Contract and the sheets of emoji icons from this webpage or email us at leapfrog@​lancaster.​ac.​uk.