The Problem

It’s difficult to find effective and appropriate ways to encourage young people to attend consultations and stay engaged throughout the process. It is also hard to make sure the right language to use with young people.

The Right Ideas: A Collection of Tools

 The Right Ideas is a collection of tools including The Right Words, The Right Opinions and The Big Idea that can be used together or separately with young people to help them find the right words to express their opinions and help them to generate ideas that other young people can respond to.   This means that  the young people receive ownership of the process and therefore more likely to continue to engage. 

The three tools can be used separately depending on the context or together with either the same or different groups of people over the stages of consultation.  Each of the three tools are described in more detail below and there is further information in the guidelines downloadable on the right.

The Right Words

The Right Words is an editable pdf template for an A4 sticker sheet that has four columns to label types of words, for example, ‘Person or Subject’, ‘When, If or Joining’, ‘Doing What’ and ‘Descriptive’ .  Below each heading there are spaces to list words.  With a topic in mind, (for example: sports centres) a group of young people can be brought together to generate words that they would prefer to use when referring to the topic. These words can be added to the template and printed out onto the sticker sheet for young people to use to put together meaningful sentences around a topic.

Please email Laura if you would like some sticker sheets, otherwise you can buy them here at  AA Labels, product code R084, 46 x 11.1mm size.

The Right Opinions

The Right Opinions is a small card on which young people can stick words to form sentences from The Right Words sheet or from other sources, such as newspapers or magazines, in a similar style to a ransom note. When consulting with young people, a facilitator can ask about a particular topic and then ask a group of young people to record their views or ideas on The Right Opinions cards.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a collection of templates for posters that can be easily edited in PowerPoint to contain an opinion generated by a young person or a group of young people.  Printed out large-​scale, the posters can be displayed somewhere where young people are present to ask for them to respond to the displayed opinions. A number of posters with different opinions can be displayed and the young people can respond by voting by placing something into a container like a ballot, tearing off a tab in agreement or marking their opinion on a scale.