Why should you use it?

The young designers talked about the meetings they attend about their lives with social workers, teachers and foster parents.  While it is their lives other people are discussing, they do not feel involved or in control, which can lead to boredom, confusion and feeling put on the spot if they are asked a question.   One of the designers had the brilliant idea of viewing the meeting topics before the meeting and then discussing the topics with her support worker and she wanted to give the idea the name Topic Tally.

Topic Tally is for both the young person and the support worker to fill in what they really want to talk about in the meeting and what would be nice to talk about if there is time.  Both sides can see and talk about what’s important to include, and also create shared topics together.

It’s Really Easy to Do

The young person can fill it in inside the newspaper or print it out from this webpage and ask the support worker to fill in their bit before they agree on what will happen in the meeting. 

If Topic Tally is used regularly, the young person and the support worker should learn what is most important to each other. 

You Can Change the Headings

Download our editable pdf version if you would like to change the headings.  Simply click on the light blue boxes and delete and add your own text.