Text and writing are strongly associated with paper-​based questionnaires. Not only can small text boxes and multiple-​choice responses be excessively prescriptive, but the requirement to read and write can themselves be barriers to engagement. Visual Voice addresses this by removing the need for respondents to write; instead they peel and position stickers on a sheet of paper. Based on our co-​design work with consultation professionals, here is our intent for the tool:

  • Get people thinking about ideas instead of the words they will use.
  • Spark discussion as people interpret the responses of others.
  • Create activities more fun and engaging than a questionnaire.
  • Get visually engaging outcomes which can be stuck to walls, photographed, remixed and reused.


To make this tool maximally useful, we’ve designed it to two parts:

  1. Blank sticker sheets that can go through a laser printer
  2. A series of PDF templates you can customise and then print (downloadable from this page).

To use the tool you will need to get hold of some Visual Voice Sticker Sheets from us: please contact g.​coupe1@​lancaster.​ac.​uk if you are interested. Once you have the sticker sheets you can then print on to them using the matching PDF templates we’ve created. Each template has a different visual theme and all text can be changed using Adobe Reader.