Did you ever make origami fortune tellers when you were young? After creating one from a flat sheet of paper, you use your hands to pinch the four sections together either lengthways or across to reveal a second layer. Unfold this part of the layer to discover your fortune in the centre.

Word Play uses the same origami as a tool for people to make, share and exchange with others.   It aims to tackle the challenge of translating language between young people and public services both ways.  Word Play can be a fun activity for young people and adults working in public services to use together to share the meanings they have for particular words associated with a consultation topic and break down barriers.

Our take on the origami fortune teller includes a simple A4 template with cut-​off section with step-​by-​step instructions for how to fold Word Play that can be printed and given out to a group of young people.  There is an A4 set of facilitator notes that gives suggestions on how to structure Word Play so that it either gives the definitions of terms used in consultation or by young people or as a way to share and explain an idea based around a consultation topic.